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7 - Minute Guided Sleep Meditation

Quiet your busy mind and fall asleep quickly and naturally

This 7 minute guided meditation helps you let go of any tension in your body or mind and drift off to a peaceful slumber.

According to the Sleep Foundation
48% of adults experience insomnia 

A good night sleep has significant positive impact on productivity, but falling asleep can take between 10-20 minutes. 

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest complaints for people, from children to older adults. 
Adults 18-64 need an average of 9 hours of sleep per night, and older adults above 64 need 7 hours of sleep per night. According to the sleep foundation, 32% of working adults report sleeping less than 6 hours per night. 

Men suffer more.
Men suffer from insomnia at a rate that's 32% higher than women while 65% of adults report interrupted sleep, which can affect the quality of rest. 

Take back control of your sleep.

Fall asleep quickly & stay asleep.

Free Mp4 audio download 

Fall asleep in 7 minutes, and sleep more restfully throughout the night.

Ditch the sleep-aides and experience better, deeper sleep, night after night

Improve your sleep quality by 85%*


*Sleep study conducted by Med Sci Monit -2009

About Me

Hello!         I'm Zoha!

zoha tiget.png

I am a yoga teacher and wellness guide who has a passion for empowering others to experience the best version of themselves. I live by the belief, if you can imagine it, you can achieve it. “Just think of it.”  I aim to equip my students with the wellness tools they need and to inspire enjoyment in the process of life.


I founded Zoga Corp, a virtual yoga studio in 2017. My goal is to use an interactive web-based program to create a global yoga community. With the advent of technology, theres no reason why anyone needs to feel disconnected and alone. Through Zoga Virtual Studio we can create long lasting, broad-reaching bonds, and ultimately, a more peaceful planet. 


I  love yoga! I have attended 3 formal yoga teacher trainings and completed over 700 hours of YTT. I train under some of the most recognized and renowned yogis, including Mary Jarvis, Bikram Choudury and Jared McCann. I also participate in yoga competitions through USA Yoga, and was ranked 12th in the nation in 2019.


Before my love for yoga, I was in love with gymnastics and dance. Growing up I participated in as many dance teams and gymnastics teams as I could all the way through college. I received a BA in Communications from George Mason University.


In 2013 I began my  journey on the yogic path and through dedication and hard work have reached a place where I have the opportunity to connect with people. People, like you!  


If i could impart one concept to the entire planet it would be that You are the master craftsmen of your own life. You can always try, try again.

"You're never too old, never too bad, never too sick, to start from scratch again" ~Bikram

Disclaimer/Privacy Policy

c. Zoga Corp 2021

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