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"Embrace your true figure."

About us

Luxe & Leisure is a high- end slimming solution that is discrete and luxurious. Lose inches without exercise, and see the results right away.



The Parisian body shaper machine used in combination with artisan clay products and body slimming ions produce results you have to experience to believe. In just one session you will lose inches, tighten skin, improve muscle tone, and reduce the visibility of cellulite. Smooth and shape your body for a look and feel you didn't think was possible in such a short time, without surgery!

Parisian Body Shaper Ionitherapy is our most coveted service. Combining state of the art technology from France, with classic traditional skin rejuvination techniques. Enjoy the physical benefits of hand curated international luxurious products, and mental benefits of relaxation and serenity. 


We are so pleased you are choosing to transform your figure.

To schedule an appointment please fill out contact form below with your name and contact information.  Be sure to include what service you are interested in, and date and time booking you wish to fill in the message box. 

Currently accepting bookings for December. Appointments available first call basis

Monday - Friday 11 am-800 pm


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