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April 2021 Newsletter -uncovering clarity & asking for what you want.

APRIL 2021: UNCOVERING CLARITY ASKING FOR WHAT YOU WANT Renewal & Beauty, Affirmations, and Stretching yourself to new ways of being. ~ April Newsletter ~ Namaste Zogis ~ FOCUS OF THE MONTH: Uncovering Clarity: Asking for what you want. April Showers Bring May Flowers...but the flowers only grow if you plant them! To plant the seeds that will grow beauty in our lives, you must first be crystal clear about what you want. Then, you need to make that vision crystal clear to the people around you. As we welcome the warm weather months, the season of spring cleaning ushers in a perfect time to clarify our values and ask the universe, and ourselves, for what it is we truly want. Give yourself permission to vocalize your desires, and watch the magic unfold! I. NEWSWORTHY NEW 30 MIN CLASS ADDED TUESDAYS **VARIETY HALF HOUR (VIRTUAL) FREE FOR ALL OF APRIL! ** Tuesdays, 6 PM - 6:30 PM Try out this fun mystery class Tuesdays, free for the whole month of April. It’s immediately followed by Bikram at 6:30 pm so the class will always be a nice complement to the Bikram class. Come for one, stay for two! You will be surprised at what you learn. It might be drills, it might be chanting, it might be a mudra meditation! You never know, join us for fun yoga surprises!! (April 6, 13, 20, 27) This is also a great opportunity to kickstart that spring fever workout groove, or to rope a friend into doing workouts together virtually! Yoga conditioning homework it's not! These classes are designed to couple the Bikram class offered immediately after the variety half hour class. Come for the 6, stay for the 6:30. Take them in together, and enjoy the benefits. (reminder: bikinis are around the corner! Let's kick that covid gut and rock out that bikini, Finally!) HAPPY SPRING!!! The first day of spring passed last month (March 20) and we are well underway into spring. Make time for yourself and stay open to positive ways of being. Set your phone alarm for sometime in the day to sit down for 5 minutes. Put 5 minutes on the timer and focus on breath. Whether you choose to use a mantra or not, the focus is on keeping the body and the breath as relaxed as possible. That tension, repetitive thought, worry, or fear can wait for later, if you choose to pick it up again, that is! II. Renewal & Beauty THIRD EYE (6TH) CHAKRA AFFIRMATION: I use my imagination as I create and pursue my dreams and wishes. I ask myself "What do I want?" My thoughts create my reality at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I use this power to create harmonious relationships between all these levels. I imagine the life I would like to have and I encourage my thoughts to be truthful, wise and discerning! In the quietness of meditation, I see and hear the truth. -Chakra Wisdom Cards Hinkler Books --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MASK RECIPE Whip this mask up at home for clarifying benefits using things from the pantry and fridge. What you will need: 2 tablespoons yogurt 1 teaspoon turmeric 3 tablespoons ground oats (use a blender) 1 tablespoon honey 1 juiced lemon What to do: Combine the ingredients into a paste, add more honey or oats depending on consistency. Apply to skin and let sit 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and washcloth. Tone skin with a witch hazel. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. MEET THE KIDS!! BABY GOAT YOGA April 10 & 17 12p-2pm YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Two more dates of Goat Yoga added for the month of April. Saturday April 10th, and Saturday April 17th. Meet the new baby goats!! They jump, they frolick, they play! There are a total of four kids of two sets of ages. Be sure to register through the website to hold your spot. Space is limited and classes fill up fast. 10 person maximum, $30 per person. Dress in workout clothes because we will do the yoga, these are not just photoshoots. Register --> NEW BLOOMFIELD BEAUTY PRODUCTS AVAILABLE ONLINE NOW Now available online, and new product release! Bloomfield Beauty products are now available on Zoga website. Enjoy handmade lotions, sprays, toners, bug repellants, and aromatherapies. The brand-new Cocoa Lotion Bar is to die for! The nutrients naturally contained in the cocoa bean hydrate and help the skin retain moisture. Enjoy the chocolate smell as you apply, but don't worry you wont walk around smelling like a Hershey's bar the smell fades once the lotion absorbs, leaving you with fresh scent free baby soft skin. Enjoy smooth skin, and do your part to support local woman-owned businesses! Click here to visit Bloomfield Beauty shoppe on Zoga. Yoga III. STRETCH TO NEW WAYS OF BEING SKILL BUILDING WORKSHOP- SPLITS!! April 18 12p-2p Virtual & In Person The theme of the month is uncovering your clarity. In this month's skill building workshop will use the body to get into the mind with the focus on hanumanasana, or splits. Splits Pose requires open hamstrings, calves, glutes and lower back and so we will tap into the body's flexibility as the vehicle for the expansion of your awareness. We will utilize this practice to hone our thoughts and center our mind. At some age, we developed resistance around stretching, but this month let's shake it off and discover our truth. Let's get ready for warm weather, razor sharp vision, and a flexible new way of being. Register now for this two hour workshop focused on Splits (& hips)! April 18th @ 12p-2p at Bloomfield Manor, also available virtually. $40 per person. BLOG TOPIC "Clarity is a result, not an action" - Claire Bossart Click here to read the yogawell article about their active perspective on achieving clarity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIND CLARITY: ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND For an enhanced meditation experience Combine: 2 drops orange + 2 drops peppermint Add to diffuser- use as directed This blend promotes meditation and thoughtfulness Recipe found in book: Essential Oils by Iside Sarmiento - p.59 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- April Promotional Giveaway Win a Free Bloomfield Beauty Product with Zoga social media competition. Follow us on social media, then tag us in your best yoga post. Winner chosen April 20th, and gets a free Bloomfield Beauty product! April showers bring May flowers like clarity and expansive thought. We are here to support you in your growth. We love watching the community expand to enrich all of our lives. Join virtual classes M, T, W, TH and in person events F. S, Su. Follow us social media! ig @_zogayoga tt @zogayoga fb @zogacorp Waterfall Challenge 10-days of hip stretches Waterfall Challenge to Improve Hip Flexbility Hold each stretch for 3 deep breaths minimum. Start with day 1, and then the next day do day 1 and add day 2, then on day 3, do day 1, 2, and add day 3 stretches, and so on all the way until day 10! See your flexibility improve! 1. Wide leg fold (Advanced variation: Hands clasped shoulder stretch.) 2. Squatting Pose with hands in prayer heart center (Advanced variation: Side gate pose, extend one leg out with one leg in a half squat. Option to add arms and sidebend). 3. Bikram Triangle (This is advanced, no variation offered). 4. Pyramid Fold (Advanced variation: Hands in reverse namaskar/prayer.) 5. Low Lunge (Advanced variation: Heel to butt). 6. Pigeon Pose (Advanced variation: Mermaid) 7. Stretching Pose looking forward (Advanced variation: forehead to toes). 8. Janusirsasana - Head to knee (Advanced variation: grab write around foot) 9. Butterfly (Advanced variation: Cow face arms, one arm over one arm under clasp behind your back). 10. Splits/Attempted Splits (Center,Left, Right) (advanced variation: Hold for 5 minutes) Take before and after pics to see your growth. If you post on social media, be sure to tag us @_zogayoga in your pics, you will automatically be eligible for the April Promo giveaway!! Upcoming Events & News: Advanced class: April 2 16, 30, 4 pm. (3 classes this month!) (April 2nd class is at 3p) Tuesday Variety Hour before Bikram- Begins April 6th 6 pm -FREE IN APRIL! All day yoga workshop intensive April 11, 11-4:30pm Skill Building Workshop: Splits- April 18, 12p-2p Goat Yoga: April 10, 17 12p-2p Coming down the pipeline next month: Outdoor Bikram at the Garden (Fairfax) Outdoor Bikram at the Farm (Herndon) May Goat Yoga dates (Herndon) Alchemical Healing (Personal Healing Sessions) Thank you for letting us into your world. <3 We look forward to seeing you virtually (or in-person) for class! ZoGA ~ Find your Zen ~ Change the World Click here to register Arlington, VA, USA Share on social Check out my website Created with Explore Ascend

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