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Winter Newsletter 22-23: Dharma and Lila, the unseen forces.

Winter 2022 - 2023: Dharma and Lila, the unseen forces

Channel your dharma, allow the Lila and enjoy the holidays!

~Winter Newsletter ~ Namaste Zogis ~

Focus of the Month:

Dharma and Lila, the unseen forces: discover your why.

Namaste Zogis ~

Hello! I am so profoundly happy and grateful to be back teaching and connecting with you again! Motherhood is a joyous and challenging experience I have been enjoying to the fullest. The ups and downs and physical changes have given me perspective I couldn't have gotten any other way, and I can't wait to share it.

This month we focus on our dharma and Lila. The dharma is your "why" and the Lila describes the mysterious and mystical forces operating behind the scenes.

Discovering your dharma is the key to uncovering the mysterious secrets that lie within. Every person has a different reason why they do things and it is very telling. Asana creates space for spontaneous realization of your dharma. Dharma is you acting on your inspiration Asana also lets you channel your creativity and divine inspiration.

Lila is the divine inspiration acting on you. Out of our control, but conspiring wonderfully in our favor, Lila coordinates behind the scenes to make even our wildest dreams possibilites!

Dharma and Lila together form a strong balance in life. They act on each other and us, and cause us to act. This creates our karma. The direct result of our actions. It is now time, within the age of Aquarius, to initiate our own karmic loop, inspired by our dharma, and fueled by Lila. The results will be our dreams manifested.

Now that holiday season is upon us grab your destiny by the horns. Go in mentally and physically prepared. Post pandemic ruts make it challenging to kick start healthy habits and routine. Whether the pandemic made you put on a few pounds, or maybe you had a baby recently, (or not so recently) and want to get the extra weight off and tone up, or need the mental relaxation beneftis; whatever your reason why, make time to take care of yourself.

I am looking forward to seeing you virtually this week and beyond. With joy and love I welcome you all back! Together we are more powerful.




Free is definitely the vibe.

Get back in the game!! Zoga classes are back and they are FREE for the week of December 5-11! Yes! Zero dollars! It's a little something to show gratitude and appreciation. We are so excited to welcome everyone back to their mats and a fun and fabulous way of getting fit and staying healthy.

Custom fit: Redeem your free week and then look at the schedule to decide which classes you want to take, and simply sign up!

Check out the schedule below and click here to register

Check out the schedule below.

Whether you can come to all, one, or just partial classes, your body will notice whatever you can get in. Yoga has this magical way of creating space and transformation in unforeseen ways. Sharing in each other's energy to cultivate more positive and balanced way of being. Together we can be the change, one posture at a time. Or, we can at least work off that muffin in the break room together!


Post-covid life definitely takes some getting used to. But society has rejoiced in getting together and reuniting. We all have been enjoying reconnecting. So why bother with the virtual? We were stuck with that for two whole years we're tired of the computer! Here's 6 reasons virtual yoga wins.

  1. The cold. Winter IS COMING. The cold weather is one of the biggest de-motivators of staying healthy and active during the winter. Being able to practice yoga from the comfort, safety and warmth of your own home, but with your friends is a luxury and privilege.

  2. The cost. The pandemic plus inflation raised prices of in-studio drop ins to $30+ per session. A virtual class offers 50% reduction in price!! The absence of a brick and mortar rent allows for big discounts.

  3. The connection. Connect with your friends all over the globe far and wide. Distance is no barrier for friendship or yoga! Share deep connections and practice the same classes together.

  4. The lack of commute: The most stressful aspect of yoga class is arguably getting to class on time. Virtual classes eliminate this completely. No rush, no stress, and no fender benders! (and no wear and tear on your car.) Feels so good to ditch the commute!

  5. Skip cold and flu: Another fact of winter is flu season! Virtual classes let you be with others without the risk of flu or colds. Enjoy others' company and energy in class safely and comfortably.

  6. Create your WHY: Your dharma is your why. Why do you practice?Why do you do what you do? Practicing yoga creates space for the why to present itself. These questions are a great jumping off point. Your dharma will be uniquely you.

Whether you enjoy practicing in the comfort of home, or seeing long distance friends, virtual classes, an amazing new vehicle to travel the yogic path.

I love seeing you virtually <3