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February 2021 Newsletter - we <3 returning to our roots

FEBRUARY 2021: -We <3 RETURNING TO OUR ROOTS A grounded practice, frequent self-care rituals, and rockin that booty! :3

~ February Newsletter~ Namaste Zogis ~ A GROUNDED (HOT & STEAMY) PRACTICE: Do you miss your hot class? There’s an easy way to get your home studio warm/hot enough to make you sweat!! How?? Three simple things.

  1. Heater - Naturally this is the most important of them all. Any sort of heater will do though I recommend a room heater, not those small desk heaters you’re able to use in the office. Look at something like a electric radiator or heat dish.

  2. Humidifier - Here is where any humidifier will do. It’s all a matter of how much humidity you like. A middle of the run box humidifier is more than adequate to get the job done!!

  3. Lastly, a FAN. This is the secret ingredient. The fan needs to be blowing the heat and the humidity. Set them next to each other and point the fan at both, facing out towards the yoga space. The fan helps the heat travel, and the humidity helps hold the heat in the air. Use the lowest fan setting available. You decide if you want the heat or humidifier closest to the fan based on what works to your liking. (i.e. try them both)

  4. If you still can’t get it to that temp to get you to sweat, there’s the age old remedy: Layers A long sleeve t-shirt with a tank top underneath and leggings, and if needed even socks! These plus heat, humidifier and fan should all get you the drips you are looking for!

THAT SELF-LOVE KINDA LOVE FOCUS: GANESHA MANTRA Lord Ganesha is the Elephant God and remover of obstacles; Master of the root (first) chakra. Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha (Om Gum guh-nuh-puh-tuh-yei Nahm -ah-ha) Purpose: Remove Obstacles & Spiritual Healing Translation: Om and Salutations to (Ganesha) the remover of all obstacles” *Especially powerful on a Tuesday. Youtube Video: BOOTY ROCKIN’! February is the month of L’AMOUR, and so what better focus than a heart shaped heiney!? That’s right, Feb is booty month!! The Skill-Building Workshop of the month will focus on toning, strengthening and lifting the glutes!! Learn how to get that bubble or simply improve stability. February 21 starting at 11a available virtually and limited in-person, take advantage of this opportunity to lift your hopes and join us for a booty burn! The last licks: As we enter into February, the second month in 2021, we may find ourselves seeking more clarity in a particular area. Since Mercury is in retrograde for most of next month starting Jan 31 lasting til near the end of February it’s a perfect time to take a step back and re-examine what is working, as well as what is not. Allow yourself some you-time. Stay on your exercise path, recommit to a balanced diet, and enjoy it! This time is a celestial slow down for everyone, in one form or another, we are returning to our roots, our core values and priorities. So for some that may seem like more work and being busier but often is something we are passionate about so it still is reconnecting and revisiting. Do not fret! You will emerge this time and be victorious! Just stay the course and stay true to you!! UPCOMING EVENTS & NEWS: Advanced Class (In-Person Only)- Feb 5th: 4p-6p @ Bloomfield Homestead - Herndon, Va Skill Building Workshop (Virtual & In-Person) Feb 21st: 11a-12:30p @Bloomfield & Online All Day Yoga Workshop (In-Person Only ) March 14th, 2021 11a - 6p - @ Bloomfield 2nd Annual Zogetaway Yoga Retreat- Rescheduled for the Spring 2021. Exact Date TBA. Visit Zoga.Yoga to find out more information and to register for classes and events. Thank you for letting us into your world. <3 We look forward to seeing you virtually (or in-person) for class! ZoGA ~ Find your Zen ~ Change the World

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